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As a Cambridge-certified coach, trainer and consultant I support managers and businesses to create an environment for high-performing and happy employees. To achieve this goal I am offering different, customized services:


Our culture and the language we speak form the basis of our identity. Cultural awareness – understanding differences and working with them – is a relevant driving factor for achieving international success in our increasingly globalised working environments.

Intercultural training helps individuals, teams, managers and corporations by building understanding for different personalities and cultures.

I deliver seminars and workshops on intercultural communication and work as a consultant and coach for companies who want to support their expat staff and their spouses, managers and intercultural teams. I provide intercultural skill-building for clients moving to Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.
My training in intercultural communications gained at the Department for Continuing Education of the University of Oxford provided me with a profound theoretical knowledge-base. I went on to enrich this with many years of practical experience at major global companies.


Talent needs to be identified properly for it to be used to the best of its capacity. A lot of talent goes to waste in organisations simply because staff aren’t in the right position or are working with the wrong team or manager. My coaching helps companies interested in improving the performance and happiness of their employees by identifying their talents and needs and implementing positive change.

My coaching sessions are appropriate for managers and leaders who want to improve their leadership skills, understand and strengthen their role within their team and help their staff to unlock their talent and potential. I support leaders and managers to better communicate with their (international) team.


“Marina always delivers the best quality trainings and coaching. She has been been accompanying our clients relocations mostly to Austria, UK and Switzerland helping them to successfully integrate into the new culture as well as achieve their goals, both business-related or private. She has been a great support as well as a highly professional partner. I highly recommend Marina to anyone who is looking for extraordinary quality and an innovative as well as client oriented approach.”
Petra Boteková, Managing Director CEE, ICUnet Vienna (