career change

5 signs your career needs some change

To make progress in your career it is necessary to shift it around from time to time. Growth and development need change – often little adjustments on the way are enough and sometimes progress asks for a bigger, more deeper change. But when is it time for a change? It’s sometimes difficult to identify. Here are 5 signs your career is crying for some adjustment and improvement:

1) You don’t learn new things at work

To develop your potential and to grow you need to expand your knowledge and skills on a daily base. It doesn’t have to be a big challenge every day. Little things count – a new perspective, a little skills improvement etc. A lot of small things make a difference over the long run. Routine is killing learning and development. If you can do your job while you are sleeping, you might consider a change and set yourself again into an environment of learning and developing.

2) You need to “hide” skills or ideas at your workplace

People around you think you are too smart? One hint that you have grown out of your current environment is that people are reacting negatively when you come up with new skills or ideas. Instead of embracing your development and new discovered skills they object your new spirit.

An environment which is not open for growth won’t support you in the long run. Sometimes people just need to adjust to change. So, observe it for a while and be open to let it go, if you are still not allowed to let your potential flow.

3) You are bored

Being at work makes you tired and slow? Routine tasks and a non-inspiring work place can lead to boredom and internal resignation. Are you still in your job or have you quit or retired internally? Endless boredom at work is as bad as too much work. To embrace growth and development we need to stretch out of our comfort zones. We need to stretch into the growth zone, where we experience a slight challenge to expand our skills and knowledge.

4) Your company or your boss is not appreciating your knowledge or potential

Your company and your boss are determining the environment of potential growth. So, if your boss or your company are not giving you the space for your development it is difficult to do so. If your skills and your potential is not seen, you should consider placing it better – at a place where you are seen and valued, and you have space to grow further.

5) You are longing for a challenge

You are craving for some excitement or adventure at work? You are longing for fresh energy and possibilities to expand your skills? Well, then you should consider change and give yourself what you are craving for.