Career Change

One major question you need to ask yourself when changing your career

Are you on the way to change your career or shift it to another level?

When it comes to career decisions there is one major question you need to ask yourself before all other questions.

Nowadays – in our ever changing world – career changes are quite likely to happen to most of the people. Some of them are wanted – some not!

But regardless of the circumstances you are facing while going through a career change there is always one major question you need to ask yourself if you are aiming for a change that is beneficial for you in the long run.

Do you know what people with happy careers do have in common? While working in coaching and career mentoring I have discovered that those people share one thing. And I can absolutely confirm it – my personal level of career happiness and balance increased a lot since I have started to follow this major insight.

The major question is: What do you want to achieve in life and how would you like to live?

Happy and balanced careers do fit in a person’s general life. So their career is part of a bigger life plan. Their work goals do support their life goals and the way they would like to live. Not the other way around! Pushed, stressed and unhappy careers do have in common that work is overwhelming other parts of life.

So ask yourself – what do I want to have in life and how do I want to live? And then start to create. It may take you some time, but it is absolutely possible to achieve. And if you do not know how – then seek out for help, like a coach or career mentor.

Why COACHING and career mentoring?

Coaching is a widely used phrase but nobody exactly knows what it really is unless they have experienced it. Coaching is a way to help people to develop themselves. It supports people to unlock potential, to grow, overcome obstacles and limiting believes.

Coaching is useful when people have reached a certain resistance in development, when they are stuck at a point of their lives or careers. Then coaching and mentoring comes in to get people back on track and speed up their development.


I have been interviewed by Petra Botekovà from BoundaryLess some time ago Рlisten to the video to hear my opinion about coaching and fulfilling careers: