fulfilling career

Why a fulfilling career always starts within YOURSELF?

Have you ever dreamed of a meaningful and balanced work-life?

A career that is joyful, opens opportunities and is giving something in return financially and emotionally? And let me guess: you have been looking for it very hard in your surrounding and somehow you have not been able to find it?

The secret to everything in life is that it starts within ourselves – in the inner world, not the outer world. You can search as much as you want in your visible reality. As long as you are not ready for it inside, it won’t show up! That’s like a law – your thoughts create your emotions, your emotions your action and your action your results! That’s the way it works – always! For everything!

Same is valid for your career. If you wish to have a meaningful and balanced career you need to be clear within yourself first. What exactly does meaningful mean for you? How should it look like? What are you willing to give and to do? What do you want to receive back?

And what exactly means balanced for you? Be precise – the clearer you are, the better! What else is important for you career-wise? And what else is important for you in terms of general life-goals? Yes, you are reading right! The most relevant questions is: What do you want to have in life?

Before you even think about specific career goals you need to make up your mind for your general life goals. What do you want to achieve in life? How should it look like? How would you spend your perfect day? What lifestyle do you want to live?

Only if you are more than clear about your general life goals and way of living, you should be thinking about your career goals. Why? Because career is only one part of a colourful life! It needs to integrate in your general life and work needs to support your general life plan to be meaningful and balanced. It needs to reflect your inner goals and values. The more your work-life goes together with what you are thriving for, the more you will feel that it is “right” and full of sense.

So, this is where the journey to a meaningful and balanced work-life starts – it starts within yourself. Becoming clear in what you really want and would like to achieve is the first step towards a wonderful journey of creating the career and life you truly wish.