How to stay focused?

Evaluating and finding your true inner goals is not easy. But once you have discovered them it seems even more difficult to stay on track. It’s like with new year’s resolutions – you are very committed in the beginning and shortly after, when everything gets a bit complicated, you lose focus.

Very advanced goal achievers even work with vision boards or they write down their goals – a perfect and absolutely helpful approach to reach goals. But often vision boards and written goals are not enough. Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? You know exactly what you want, you have committed to reach it, visualized it – but still not enough to keep the focus?

Then let me help you with two amazing exercises which won’t take more time then 10 minutes a day. I got introduced to the concept years ago and I practice the exercises myself and approved them more than often as very helpful. That’s why I would like to share them with you:

Morning exercise: Outcome – Purpose – Action

We start our day with a five minutes focus exercise. You can do it in bed when you wake up (or after your morning mediation). Think about your day ahead! According to your vision, dreams and goals – what can you do today to support your goals? What will be the outcome? Why are you doing it? What is the purpose behind? What will you do? How can and will your actions contribute to your vision?

With this exercise you ensure that you don’t waste your day with non-contributing tasks, people and things. Every day should bring you one step closer to your vision, dreams and goals. If actions are not contributing to your greater vision you should overthink them and consider stopping them. Every action creates a result and with non-supporting actions you create other results as you wish.

Evening exercise: Three good things

The second five minutes exercise is a reflection exercise. You can do it in bed before you fall asleep. It’s a quite easy exercise and helps you to honour your achievements and to encourage your learning.

Ask yourself what the three best things of the day have been. What three things have contributed to your greater vision and in which sense? What did you with success today? What will you take away for the next time?

With this exercise you will discover the little steps on the road to success. You will see how much you contribute every day. The little successes will boost your self-esteem and will help you to stay focused on the way, as it is demonstrating you the process you are undergoing.