Sensitivity is not a weakness

Sensitivity is not a weakness – it’s a treasure!

Highly sensitive persons – in short HSP – often see their gift as a burden and not as a treasure. Even a lot of companies are not able to use the huge potential of such a gifted person!

Why does this happen? What does it mean to be a HSP? Who can be named as HSP? And finally – how can you find a positive way to live with your ongoing emotions and how can companies use this special skill for their development?

HSP – what’s that? I am a HSP?

I don’t want to be over scientific here, nor do I think it is good to label yourself. But sometimes it simply helps to understand that your emotions are complete normal and there is a name out there for what you are experiencing – as the most common sign for HSP is that they feel not understood by the world and not fitting in. They feel different.

Simply said HSP have a higher level of emotions and they are more sensitive when it comes to absorb external impression. This means they hear, smell, feel, see more than the average. In daily life people might have troubles with open and loud offices, too many people, bad food and smells etc. – some are also labelled as introverted because HSPs need some space in between to sort out what they have seen and experienced during a day. All the impressions and emotions can get quite overwhelming. A highly sensitive person is like a big data processor running on high speed.


How do deal with your talent?

  • First – you need to see your sensitivity as a treasure not a burden. Even if you wish not to feel all that stuff anymore because the impressions are getting too much – it is a gift that wants to be used. Where can you use your sensitivity? In the work with people? Animals? Music? Art?
  • Accept to not fit in – don’t try harder to be like all the others. It’s simply not working! Accept it!
  • Express your needs – say what you need! When you need time alone or a break say it. Learn to leave situations and reduce contact to people which are not beneficial for your mental health (this applies also to non HSPs)
  • Create your life around your special needs and begin to love your talent!


Tips for companies and managers

  • Your employee has a special gift that could be very beneficial for your success – try to use the full potential of this gift and do not try to push the person into a certain role or framework
  • Take care of your special gift – those special skills come to together with an individual framework. Ask what people need? Maybe it’s an own office or part-time work or whatever the person needs. Remember quality goes over quantity. Being present in an office does not mean that your employees are solving problems. They solve your problems best, when you make them happy first and create an environment where they can explore their full potential.