What is coaching

What is coaching?

Have you ever wondered what coaching is and what it can do for you?

I experience, that a lot of people don’t know exactly what coaching is all about and what benefits coachees receive from seeing a coach. This might be because it is a quite new industry in some countries, it is a non-regulated field in some parts of the world and its mixed up with a lot of similar or connected professions.

So, I am starting an article series to build some knowledge around coaching – what it is, what it is not and how coaching supports its coachees. Today we are starting with “what coaching is”!

Coaching is…

…the road-map to your goals and dreams:

This is my personal definition of coaching! In my sessions, I help people to better understand themselves, their inner needs, desires, dreams and goals. I support people to overcome obstacles, limiting believes and other non-supportive issues that keep them back from reaching their full potential and their goals.

While experiencing coaching you will discover some blind spots and work on your personal reflection. You learn to listen to your inner voice and to visualize your true goals – not society’s or other people’s plan. You will take structured action and will reach your destination step by step. Coaching is a journey, as life is a journey – so it’s the perfect fit for an awesome life journey!

…maximizing potential, developing skills and improving performance:

Coaching is about personal growth – reaching the next level in your personal life journey.

In life, it’s not possible to stand still – not for animals, not for plants not for us human beings. Every second a cell changes, our environment changes. What’s actual in one moment is no more valid after a second if you break it down to a very micro-micro level. If you don’t nourish yourself, don’t develop further you go somehow backwards, as you can’t stand still. It’s somehow like a plants – either they grow or they die.

To reach your life and career goals its important to develop further, discover new resources and unlock not used potential. Coaching can be seen as an ideal support to improve your performance, overcome obstacles and walk towards your goals and dreams.