what is my talent

What is my talent?

What you can learn from childhood about your talents and passion

We all know – using our natural talents in a working environment is making us more successful and is bringing much more joy to our careers.
Many of my clients start with coaching because they want to feel better in their jobs and lots of them complain about not working in a field that naturally fits them. So many people are still seeking for their real talents and their true passion!

Listen to your inner voice to discover true talents

To learn about own strengths and weaknesses and find true talents and passion can be quite a long process. There are millions of tests and books out there – sure they give hints and insights. But my personal opinion is, if we listen to our own inner voice we are able to discover our own talents and our own passion without external oriented tests. If we learn to listen carefully  – we know what’s right or wrong! The key element is to strengthen our intuition! 

Learn from your younger self

As a child – when we played by ourselves, with our friends and family – we didn’t care about paying bills, educational systems, job profiles or the money we can earn. We just played with what brought us joy and pleasure. We naturally selected our interests. Some of us liked pirates, others princesses and so on. On some sort of play our focus stayed longer and other experiences caught us just for a moment. Of course, we are grown up now and normally we forget about our play. But it is worth to take a look back! Why?

Because play is the base of creativity and research. And it is honest. A child doesn’t play with things it doesn’t like. Remember a child playing – interests can change in a minute! They don’t stick to their toys because it needs to be done. There is no logical mind telling them they need to finish this or that, to pay bills or a boss that is maybe getting angry if they stop playing with something. Children play with what brings them joy and what naturally suits them. They just like it or not.

Talents and passion have its origin in natural interests

It is something that suits us, something we just like and we can do more easily than other things. Of course, talents need to be practised to make us an expert, but some people just do better when the stand on a surf board the first time than others.

Practise can replace talent to a certain level. But if one combines talent with practise one can become unstoppable. And to be super great in your area of work you need to know your talents and form, improve and develop them.

What is my talent? 3 step exercise to discover natural talents

1) Think back to your childhood, to your play! Take a piece of paper and note down all the things that come into your mind. Just brainstorm for a while. With what did you play? What did you like to do? What toys have been your favourite ones? What did you like to become as a child? A doctor, an astronaut, a firefighter,…?

2) When you are finished with brainstorming take a closer look on your notes. What interests are still fascinating for you and why? What exactly brings the magic? What talents are connected? Make a list of fields of interests and connected talents.

3) Then try to transfer the interests and talents into your adult life. Where exactly can you use your interests and talents? How can you integrate them? What do you want to keep?

The exercise is helpful to remind you on forgotten interests and talents. We are so busy nowadays and sometimes our life path has directed us away from ourselves. To remind back might bring you some ideas of talents and interests you would like to reintegrate to increase happiness, joy and success in your (work) life.

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